Here are some of
the things I've made

TypeScript vs CoffeeScript

A talk meant to give the audience an idea of how both languages look and feel and how they address JavaScript's shortcomings - things you'd want to know before diving into one or the other.

Micro Web Frameworks in .NET

An introduction to the concept of micro web frameworks in .NET, using Nancy to write a really really tiny blog engine as an example.

Demystifying JavaScript

This talk aims to shed some light on JavaScript's core features, in an interactive way. Inspired by John Resig's Learning Advanced JavaScript.

Price Snoop

This browser extension tries to find the best price for an Amazon item, by looking at how much it costs on the other Amazon stores. It currently supports,,, and, and is available for both Chrome and Opera.


A webcomic downloader with a (crazy) powerful download engine. Will download comics for offline reading, including metadata such as the title and description.

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